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Apartments to Rent On The Beautiful Costa Almeria

At any time of the year Costa Almeria is a sunny haven. Staying in a privately owned holiday villa rental in Almeria can be really good value if your holiday budget is stretched this year!

Sierra de Gador

The Costa Almeria on the southern part of the coast of Spain is the ideal place to book apartments to rent for a seaside holiday getaway as it has terrific sandy beaches and several fantastic holiday resorts.

It is a great place for a holiday rental as it only takes a few hours to fly from the UK to this magnificent location which is regarded as being one of the quieter Spanish coasts.

Almeria City can be found at the base of a mountain range the Sierra de Gador, on the shores of the Almeria Bay. It lies south of Granada and has a rugged coastline with unspoilt beaches.

Weather on the Costa Almeria

Holidaymakers who book their holiday villas in southern Spain on this coast are correct in thinking the Costa Almeria comes with the most excellent weather conditions in Spain. Throughout the summer season you can expect to take advantage of long sun-filled days and the temperatures hardly ever falling below an enjoyable 30°C (86°F) together with little or no rain. In the winter months, temperatures remain near to 20°C (64°F) which makes it fairly mild through the daytime, although it might be chillier during the night time. Almost no rain and a high number of hours of sunshine each and every day makes this the perfect place to reserve a villa rental for either a summer or a winter sun getaway.

How to get here

If you are thinking of arranging an apartment to rent in Almeria, several airlines in the United Kingdom offer budget flights to airports in the vicinity of Almeria. There are quite a few Spanish airports you could use, to fly from the United Kingdom, which are reasonably close to the Costa Almeria.

Some options include Almeria, Murcia and Malaga International Airports.

Almeria airport is the closest since it is within the region and no resort is more than about an hour by car. Murcia is the next closest airport and is to be found to the north of Almeria. It’s also possible to fly to Malaga, which is less than three hours’ by car from the south of Almeria. Car hire in the area is cheap and accessible from many sources.

Try the local cuisine!

One of the advantages of staying in self-catering Spanish apartments to rent or holiday villas in southern Spain is that you are able to eat out and experience the regional food. The local food in the Almeria province features a significant Arabic influence. There is also a definite bias towards fish and food from the ocean. Many dishes also make use of food which is produced locally such as delicious olive oil and tomatoes.

Why not try one of the excellent rice dishes which often incorporate fresh fish or a tasty fish soup made mainly with fish broth.

Tapas are available in most pubs and eateries in Almeria and provide holidaymakers with the opportunity to sample a selection of Spanish food.

Wash it down with some wine from the Almeria region or a light Spanish beer.

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Michael O'Brien
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