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Living In Almeria – Tips From a UK Expat

Guest post by Adam Kingsley, and expat carpenter from Brighton in the UK.

After getting so fed up with the British weather a move to Spain was long over due. So we took the plunge and packed our bags and headed for the sun.

But was it easy? Can you have a better life in Spain or is it over populated with Brits?

Working as a carpenter in the UK you get use to working in the rain but the days that were wet and windy and there are many, just made me dream harder of a new life in Spain.

One day sitting in a traffic jam in Brighton I just had enough and called my wife on my mobile and said “we are going to live in Spain” “OK ” came the reply to my surprise.

When I arrived home we had a long chat and it was not only me that was fed up with my job and the weather, she to wanted some sun.

It took about two months to get everything ready and we rented out the house and headed off for a place called Roquetas Del Mar in Spain. We didn’t really know much about this area, except that it had the lowest rain fall in Spain so that was enough for me.

We rented a nice little apartment right on the beach and I began work as a carpenter for a small family run building business that had a British boss who had lived there for a few years. This made it a little easier for me as his family spoke Spanish well and meant that i didn’t have to worry too much about my poor Spanish.

It was a big difference working in 30 degrees of sunshine compared to 5 degrees of wet and windy weather. The first few weeks I did have bad sunburn and the heat was a bit much to work in, but I soon got use to it and my skin became quite brown – not like a 2 week holiday tan – after a few weeks your body and skin changes with the conditions.

Roquetas de Mar1
Roquetas de Mar winter fiesta

Roquetas del Mar is a small and up and coming resort with a long sandy beach that is unusually wide.
There are palm trees on the beach and it is mostly dry all year round with about only 10 days of rain a year, and that’s only for a few hours a day.

The life here in Almeria is mostly an outdoors life as the weather permits you to plan ahead and enjoy the beach all year round as well as the weekends and for my that was great. You don’t mind so much working all week if you know the weekend will be nice and sunny to enjoy the garden or beach.

Even working hard all week, the evenings and the weekends allow you to relax with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer.

Almeria has quite a lot of expats so work was good to start with but when the crisis hit, it hit Spain hard and jobs and work in general started to dry up as many Brits went back to the UK.

This is when I started to learn how to make a living online, by building websites and selling online products on my sites, but at first it was only generating a small income. However bit by bit I built my web design business up, and things took off for me.

Working online and living in Spain I think I have the best of both worlds.

Anyone wanting to live here should look into starting an online business and then work and language is not a problem!

About Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien
Hi I am Michael O'Brien, I have spent much of my adult life in and around Almeria, learning the language and culture of the area. I hope my insights and information help you make the decision to settle in this beautiful spot. Email: support@propertyinalmeria.com